Tyler Jack Harris

Road to Legacy | Episode 11

Opportunities will arise when you’re excelling where you’re at. You can’t put bad stuff out there and expect a good return. So hustle where you currently are, and it won’t go unnoticed In the last three years, Tyler has gone from unemployed to $650,000 a year by waging war on personal change. Since January of 2017, Tyler has gone from 0 to 49 million in weekly reach on social media as he began to document his life in his vlog, The Daily Bread, as a way to pay it forward and provide value with zero expectation of anything in return. Going into 2018, Tyler wanted to go even deeper into showing what it takes to perform at a high-level day in and day out. He is the National Coordinator of a life insurance company, the owner, and operator of Motivation Kings, and co-host of the Sales Wolves Podcast and The BreadWinner Podcast.

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