Tyler Jack Harris

Wolves do not wait to be invited to hunt. They seek out opportunity with rampant hunger. An unquenchable thirst for being better, stronger. The satisfaction of the kill lasts no longer than the warmth of its victim. Before the feed, they are already plotting the next hunt, driven by an ever-growing hunger.

Wolves operate in the strictest of hierarchies. Your value in the pack is determined by you and you alone. To an outsider, they may seem unpredictable, even contradictory, with the strongest leading the pack from behind.

  • Stronger together, but fiercely alone.
  • Always mindfully calculating, maneuvering, challenging.

The Sales Wolves, Tyler and Joseph, are two exemplary Alphas. With an insatiable hunger, they stop for no one, but they have invited you to join them in their journey to bring appreciation and support to the most valuable asset to every organization—the salesperson.

  • Welcome to the Sales Wolves.
  • Welcome to the Pack.
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