Tyler Jack Harris

How To Use Social Media as an Accountability Tool in 2019

Have you noticed that people love to hate on social media? They say it’s a waste of time, that it drains your productivity, and makes you feel less satisfied with your life.

Don’t fall for the hype. Like most things in life, social media is a tool that can be used for good or bad. You can waste hours of your life scrolling or put it to use to achieve success and greatness in your life. Here’s how to make the most of it this year.

Do a Social Media Cleanse

This isn’t about going 30 days without Facebook. Instead, go through all your followers and selectively delete most of them. Most likely your social media feed is cluttered with things that distract you from your goals.

Start by going through every single account and ask yourself, “Will this person/business help me achieve my goals this year?” If the answer is no, be brutal and unfollow them.

Keep in mind how viewing a page makes you feel when you see its content. Do you feel bad about yourself? Does it stress you out? If so, it’s likely having a negative impact on you.

Alternately, pay attention to the feeling of discomfort that comes with growth. Does this page stretch you outside your comfort zone? Does it inspire you? Do you wish you had created that content? Gauge your reaction and only keep those who push you forward.

Join Groups

Now that your accounts have been cleaned up, it’s time to intentionally add some selective content. Start by joining groups that provide information you can use or challenge you to take action.

A lot of Facebook groups are structured as helpful challenges. There are groups for everything from learning to speak in public to whipping yourself into shape by doing hundreds of squats.

In addition, look for those that can build your knowledge and skills. Online reading or book groups will push you to read more, whether it’s books, articles, or other publications in your field.

Find a group of likeminded people with a common goal. Everyone can come together to ask and answer questions, share ideas, and give feedback on their projects. Plus, seeing everyone else achieve will give you the extra drive you need to keep going.

Follow Motivational People & Accounts

If you don’t have accounts that inspire or motivate you, it’s time to find some. Think of the people who have accomplished what you want to do. Seek them out and start following them.

Instagram is a great way to get a peek behind the scenes because many influencers post stories with snippets of their everyday life different from their more curated content. You can see how they hustle everyday to achieve their goals. This will motivate you to work harder in your own life.

Even if someone isn’t directly in your field, their page can still help you be accountable. If you’re going to spend time on social media, put words and images on it that remind you to make the most of time spent offline.

Pages full of motivating quotes about accountability are an excellent way to keep your goals constantly in mind. Photos of people doing activities you want to do will make you more likely to engage in that action too. Fill your feed with as much positive reinforcement as possible.

Post Your Progress

One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to publicly state your goal and then follow up with progress reports. Ask your friends or the people in your online group to hold you to your commitments.

If you want to eat healthy, post a picture of your meal online every time you eat. If you committed to going to the gym, check in online whenever you workout. Use the time stamp feature in Instagram stories to prove you woke up early if that’s your goal.

Don’t forget to get feedback either. Ask people to be brutally honest or start posting anonymously so your friends don’t go easy on you. Then take that feedback to calibrate and adapt to be more effective.


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