Tyler Jack Harris

Build Your Story and Lose the noise

Today, it is so easy to become lost in your feed, allowing social media to distract you from your goals. Though it is fun to watch yet another cat video right after sharing your 15th meme, we have grown too accustomed to wasting the best tools we have, right at our fingertips.

Before I started to pay attention to my social media usage, I used to find myself feeling trapped on my phone, staring at my screen while ignoring my responsibilities and the world around me. We’ve all probably fallen victim to procrastination more times than we would like to admit, pushing away yet another notification about your upcoming deadline while swearing you’ll get to it after “Just one more video”.

This is just another example of how we have become accustomed to abusing tools that can easily be used to help ourselves. I realized, if I have time to scroll endlessly through my feed, I should try using this to my advantage. I began using my wall to post about my business and attempting to motivate my followers. Though it may seem like social media is just a shout into the void, when you grow and build an audience, you have the power to give yourself a voice and tell your story.

Instead of reposting posts constantly, I found myself building my business and finding more opportunities through Facebook and Instagram. Not only that, but I was communicating with my friends and followers, showing them how my products affect me and my life. Since breaking the hold social media had on me, I have found it much easier for me to focus on my plans instead of dwelling on the noise around me. Without constant news about drama, adding endless distractions, I can now focus on what I need to be doing to get to where I want to be.

So, how can you begin to build your story? You need to decide what your goal is and what it is you want to communicate to others. Like every tool, you need to know how to use it and what your end goal is. Are you selling a product? Advocating for a cause? Maybe, you are just telling your story. Social media is a place where anyone can speak out and tell their story.

By knowing how to use this tool, you can open yourself up to new experiences, lose the noise around you, and achieve your goals. The world is always going to be full of stress and distractions. It takes dedication to be able to block it all out and focus on your goals, following your plan all the way through.

It’s easy to become anxious about putting yourself out there and trying something daring and new. But, how will you ever know how things will turn out if you don’t try?

In the new age of social media, we have so many new opportunities open to us. We need to use this tool to build each other up, focus on our goals, and just do it. Who knows? Maybe you just might succeed.

In this video, you’ll get a prime example of how in telling my story, Dirk Osgood found a career that has allowed him to make as much in a month, working with us, as he did his entire year, in his former career. Watch it here: Dirk’s Story